Friday, September 23, 2011

First appointment

So I had my first appointment this morning. The ultrasound showed 21 eggs in the right ovary and 19 in the left ovary. Apparently this is alot of eggs and they don't think they are going to have to give me as high of a dose of hormones to stimulate my ovaries (YAY!!) but the down side is that since I have so many eggs in there already my ovaries are going to be so heavy towards the end of all this that I will have to be on bedrest for at least a weeks with no strenuious activity. It I pull, push, lift or any other jarring motion to my body my ovaries could twist and I would have to have surgery STAT to remove my ovaries. Other than that we are waiting on my blood work to come back to schedule my next appointment. Should be the end of next week or the first of the following week. And now to add onto all this, I have a cyst in my neck, it has always been there, but for the last few months it has been getting bigger and inflammed. So on Ovtober 4th I will be going in to have it removed. Fun stuff!!

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